A motto-for-the-momet, on what drives my creative work:

Are we working toward information, or are we working toward art. It’s not very clear sometimes. …[T]his will offer a clear objective: I am in search of art.” -John D’agata

Me too.

Use this gallery to view full versions of or links to published creative pieces, including humor columns, music reviews, and interfaith discussions, among others:

The Good Men Project Magazine
author page: bryan parys
: monthly

I’m a columnist for the men’s issues non-profit Good Men Project Magazine. View Full List

NonProphet Status
title: “I Know You Are, But Who Are We?
date: 08.25.2010

NPS is a popular atheist blog that seeks to create positive dialogue between people of all/no religious backgrounds. This was a guest piece that I wrote on this theme. View Original

logo for the show GleeReligion Nerd
title: “Grilling Glee: A Divided Duet
: 10.13.2010

Co-written with interfaith activist Chris Stedman, this article uses an episode of Glee to discuss a/religious common ground. View Original

The Silent Ballet imageThe Silent Ballet
titles: various
: 09.01.2008 – present

I’ve written over 50 reviews for this avant-garde, instrumental-focused music site. View Full List

Crop of State of Formation LogoState of Formation
titles: various
: 11.01.2010 – present

I am a contributing scholar and executive committee member for the interfaith relations publication, State of Formation. View Full List

Stillpoint: The Magazine of Gordon College
titles: various
: 09.2006 – present

Stillpoint, the magazine of my alma mater, is printed and published online biannually, and features my humor column, “Sporks.” View Newest

Your Olive Branch LogoYour Olive Branch
title: “Seeing Max in the Backyard
: 11.2011

My entry won the first annual fair trade contest for the justice-focused news source, Your Olive Branch, taking home the $2,000 prize. View Original


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