Copywriting / Editing

Use this gallery to view or hear examples of my copywriting and editing work, including student texts, higher education ad writing, and even a radio spot (that I also voiced):

project: Literary Journal Redesign (2008-2009)

During my tenure as the journal’s first editor-in-chief, I spearheaded the design, ethic, and staffing structure that is currently in place. View Current Site


BCC Research
role: Proofreader/Editor (July 2011 – Present)

BCC is a global market research company that produces comprehensive technical and scientific reports. Contact me at bryanDOTrossiterATgmailDOTcom for further info my proofreading work for BCC. 


Gordon College
project: “Your Adventurous Life” National Print Ad Campaign (2006)

I wrote copy for the following ads that were printed in leading Christian education publications across the country:
Your Adventurous Life 1
| Your Adventurous Life 2 | Your Adventurous Life 3

North Shore 104.9 WBOQ
project: 501: Radio Spots (2004)
As an intern, I wrote and edited a variety of commercial spots. Here’s an example (be warned: it’s about a bakery, and a bit on the cheezy side):

University of New Hampshire
project: 501: A Collection textbook (2010-11)

I was the co-creator for this printed collection of UNH student writing. I also edited and designed it, and liased with the publisher:
Cover Design | Sample Pages (Files are copyrighted & for reference only)


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