(Free)Lance It

As promised, I’ve been working on filling out the back pages of WS, in the hopes that this blog will serve as an all-things-bp sandbox as well as a way to house discussion about my book-in-progress. After hours of inducing tendonitis, I’ve finally finished phase two: Freelance.

This new section contains links to almost all the writing gigs I’ve garnered over the last five years, and is broken up into two sections: Creative & Copywriting/Editing.

So: why not poke around a bit? You’ll get everything from my most recent take on interfaith work to a somewhat embarrassing radio spot that I wrote/voiced for a bakery called “Loafin’ Around.”

As always, check back for new changes (even if they’re a little spread out–I can’t afford to pay myself for my webmastery), and thanks for being a part of the conversation.


About bp

I'm writing a book. It's called, Wake, Sleeper. My writing revolves around this idea of art: attempts to recover what is lost.
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