Fair Trade + Tigers = Updates

As I get busier, it seems I update the blog with more extracurricular activities (why does that phrase always sound scandalous?). So, in keeping with my current trend of delivering chewy little nuggs of my internet wiles, Here’s a couple of writerly items:

First: I won the Your Olive Branch “I Love Fair Trade Contest”! A huge thanks to all who voted, and helped me snag 40% of the votes. You can read the announcement here, and my essay here. Also, my prizes come from two companies doing great work that deserve your support and patronage: Indigenous Designs & Alter Eco. Even after all my winnings run out, I’ll be returning to their ethical storehouse.

Second: my newest music review is up. I use the opportunity to dissect that loathsome and soggy term jazzy. The band’s name: Fond of Tigers. So, they have that going for them. I’ve felt oddly unhinged during the writing of my last few reviews, so my adjective muscle gets spasmodic in this one. Basically, I’ve stopped pretending that people’s musical paradigms are shifting when they (they=who, exactly?) read my reviews. The result is, well, this:

It can be hard to avoid the word that pops into one’s head on a first listen.  With this in mind, I have to admit right from the get-go that Fond of Tigers third full-length, Continent & Western, sounds jazzy. The word is supremely problematic. Not only does that tacked on “y” turn it in to a lightweight adjective, but the root word contains so much historico-cultural significance that to invoke its impossible double-z’s at the slightest contrapuntal trumpet blast may seem to be nothing short of insulting.  Usually, as first impressions go, that word is a cliché—at one time it actually meant something, but now it’s become its own kind of processed trans-fat: all the filling, none of the substance. Read More…


About bp

I'm writing a book. It's called, Wake, Sleeper. My writing revolves around this idea of art: attempts to recover what is lost.
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