The Ambient Interfaith

Most of the sleepy silence, as usual, is due to my attempts to expand my freelance portfolio. Emphasis on free. So, to give you a tangent to chase for a bit, here are 3 of my most recently published music reviews for The Silent Ballet–an all-volunteer music publication dedicated to the global underground of instrumental/experimental music. They are arranged in the order of, in my opinion, most interesting to most forgettable. For those with a predilection for ambient virtuosity, do give the first one a listen:

1. The Picturesque Episodes | Naktingalų Giesmės (Songs of the Nightingales) [Lithuania]
2. Radiant City | No Errors [Australia]
3. De Curtis | Baciami Alfredo [Italy]

This isn’t really the forum for it (but hey, who makes the rules here, anyway?), but writing reviews for experimental long-form music has been fascinating. Oftentimes, the albums I dislike are the most fun to write about–and not because I make a habit of eviscerating the poor saps. In fact, when I don’t like something, I have to work harder to push into the why behind the emotion. People are more apt to not question your argument when you’re being positive, but the minute you name a critique, you better be ready to admit your own shortcomings in assessing such a subjective point. Perhaps, then, this isn’t so much of a tangent, given my burgeoning interest in interfaith work.

I was recently accepted as a contributor for the forthcoming interreligious megablog, State of Formation, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what this sleepy white kid from New Hampshire has to add to the greater conversation. And not just that, but how dialogue can and must lead to action. I doubt I’ll be focusing a lot on what separates me from my cohorts, but even if I do, I’ll take the same tact as reviewing music I don’t immediately “get.” That knee-jerk negative response almost always stems from the fear of acknowledging you don’t understand something. You don’t have to look too deeply into any given day’s headlines to see how that fear manifests itself in hate and conflict (homophobia into bullying kids into suicide, Islamophobia into protesting Park 51, etc.).

So, with all/non religions just as with 12-minute songs that beautifully go nowhere, I happily admit to all of you: I, thank g/God, don’t always get it.

About bp

I'm writing a book. It's called, Wake, Sleeper. My writing revolves around this idea of art: attempts to recover what is lost.
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